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A Little More Living

The days are longer and filled with sunshine, and the smell of grass and earth waking up.

And, amidst the current setting, maybe we all feel a bit like an awakening.

An unearthing, of sorts.

A friend and I chatted about the before. When a month ago, our days were crammed with work and errands and commitments, and we never had enough time and never felt enough joy. We were tired and anxious and surviving.

Now we are holding space and keeping our space and a lot has shifted in our mindset and in our world.

This isn’t easy.

The right now.

For so many.

I’ve tried my hardest to shine light or perspective as friends and colleagues are tired and anxious and surviving.

Sometimes people don’t realize they are lights or beacons of hope for others. Not just in their presence but in their truth.

This evening was simple.

In between chores we made time for things.

We biked until our quads burned.

We threw the ball until our spirals were consistent.

The truth is, it feels less like surviving and more like living.

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