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Better than Our Moms

Years ago, I remember watching a game show and the host asked a mother/daughter team a question. To the daughter, “What do you do better than your mom?” To which the daughter replied, “Everything.” The audience gasped and chuckled and the mom barely responded. The host poked at the mom and wanted a response. The mother grabbed the daughter’s hand and said, “That is what any mother wants for their child. To grow up to do better and be better and that’s how we know we did our best as moms.”

What we saw growing up is someone doing their best to build us up, to protect us, to challenge us and to love us so much that is becomes the essential beat of our heart. Our mother stood up to bullies and unkind people, she set the life motto: when it isn’t fun anymore, leave. She fanned our fires and pushed us to become the best versions of ourselves. And in doing so, we’d become more.

Happiest birthday Jode❤️ We love you so! There’s immense gratitude that for all that you’ve encouraged us to become solely because we watched you fearlessly raise us with empathy and ferocity. And while I know without any hesitation that you will always be better at a great number of things than me, it will always be the bar we set to achieve and yet, one our children will surpass! 🥼P.S. I spilled tea on my white blazer. I gave it to Dad today to have you wash it.

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