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Daydream Believers

When I was little, I can remember instances in my life where I would see something that I wanted or desired and would close my eyes or daydream a bit about what it would look like if I had that item or person or thing in my life.

It could’ve been something as frivolous as my aunt Nancy wearing a green satin bridesmaids gown to my cousin Amy‘s wedding. I could see myself twirling and spinning about the room.

As I grew up, I just thought that practice was all about dreaming. It was a wish my heart would make, because we were a generation of Walt Disney believers. But, as I have gotten older, I realize that a majority of those dreams were the very basic foundations of manifesting things into my life or asking God or the universe to make room for something more or remove what doesn’t serve.

Often times we look at entrepreneurs, the bravest dreamers of them all, and we have one system for gauging their success. For many, it comes down to elements such as do they have a yacht, do they have a second or third home, do they have a nanny?

How did our system become so warped? Maybe we take this year to shift the way we perceive success. What if we gauged it by happiness or bravery or courage? (Did you gasp? Happiness? That selfish horrible thing!!! Stay with me, friends.)

I see your dedication by working a full-time job and on the side, creating a gig that allows you to tap into your creativity and maybe even make some money. I see you courageously going back to school so that you can have the basics of accounting or customer service to help you on a new endeavor. I see you at your kid’s practice with a laptop feverishly typing away.

There’s a lot to be seen. There’s a lot to be said for those who are living out their dreams, even if it is quietly. It’s a scary thing to do, and it doesn’t mean that we all quit our day jobs to go live on a beach and serve piña coladas. But honestly, wouldn’t there be an immense amount of happiness in that? Waking up to the sunshine and sand beneath our feet every day?

Maybe every day we can be brave. One brave thing that is a step closer to happiness. Even if it is a small step. Literally, you take the stairs instead of the elevator or you hop online and check out the class schedules or you grab the recipes you’ve always wanted to bake or you google “How to write a business plan.” Just one brave moment of effort. One courageous moment to daydream about what manifesting that happiness looks likes. I think that’s what the world needs right now.

It needs who you were meant to be.


Also Happy 1/11 ! xoxo

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