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Do Good

On our dog walks, we usually run into our neighbor, Lorraine. Her and her husband Bob, are like grandparents for us.

Until now, I never realized just how difficult it is to only have words to convey how much you love someone. Ironic, for someone who lives off of and thrives on words. But it just never seems like enough.

When I run into Lorraine on our dog walks now, she stands at the corner of her street and I stand at the corner of mine. We chat and joke. My Gus and her Coco lay down because we are too chatty for too long and their arthritis kicks in.

I can’t hug her.

She can’t pet Gus and PJ.

And for the first time in my life, words just don’t seem like enough.

It’s no different when earlier in the week my dad came to help me with a closet fiasco. We needed tools that most women in marketing don’t have laying around. Studio cameras...lapel mics —-I got you! But a saws?

No worries. Two sets of neighbors, Steve and also Katie came to our rescue ...complete with extension cords and battery packs.

We’re grateful that these are our experiences, even before all of this.

Supportive. Loving. Family.

Maybe after all is said and done, the rest of the world will be so much more grateful and aware of the small blessings right in your own backyard.

I’ll be so much more grateful for hugs.

I’ll be like Elmira on Tiny Toons.

Google it, if you have the time 😘

And then prepare yourself when you see me.

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