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It's Beginning to LOOK like Christmas

One of the things about Jack that touches my heart so deeply is that he loves planning and having responsibilities. When the opportunity arose to take family pictures at our church, he started looking at the ideas of products that you could buy that were laid out on the table. They had sample Christmas cards, photo albums, canvases and more. He was inspired. And let me tell you, friends, sometimes that can be a very dangerous situation. He’s got his momma’s drive and vision of how something should look and he won’t cease until it is achieved. One of the things that caught his eye was an elderly couple, in their 80s, that both were peering over the brim of their glasses. He held the picture in his hands, for what seemed like 5 minutes...lovingly gazing at it. It’s sparked an idea and with giddy glee, he explained he wanted him and I to reenact that very same picture. I could barely stifle my laughter. But he was serious. Pictures were serious. He learned that from my Mim.

And then he had one other special idea that he “had been practicing for months.” He whispered in the photographer’s ear as to what he wanted done and she happily obliged. She was the kindest soul and took his requests to heart. After a few shots, she turned her camera for him to proof. He commented and we shot some more until he was pleased. Friends, I give you the 2019 Cassie and Jack Christmas card. Complete with some weird filter that makes him resemble Ron Weasley, the two of us peering over our glasses like geriatric carolers, and, of course, nothing screams Christmas like Jack doing a handstand. You’re welcome and God bless.

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