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Lessons From The Floor

This is usually the spot where I find Gus in the evenings. And this is where you find me ....mug of tea, on the floor with this boy. That’s normal in this house. Jack will say he’s eating breakfast with Gus (on the floor). Or I’ll be proofing copy or a contract with Gus (on the floor). Or we’ll watch a movie with Gus (on the floor) and PJ is the only one lounging on the couch. It’s a lesson in meeting people where they are at in this life. It’s a lesson in understanding there are things out of my control that keep us from doing everything together we once did. It’s a lesson in acceptance ...that sometimes it’s best to bless and release those expectations. It’s a lesson in love. At times, everything seems hard. But sitting on the floor with a dog, gives you perspective....what’s hard and what truly brings a pain to my ass is really just this mahogany hardwood. The rest is just life.

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