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Let It Go

In light of recent years, so many of my favorite authors and activists have been encouraging women around the world to speak up for themselves, to advocate for themselves and cease living such small lives.

It leaves a lot of people wondering and questioning the way they’ve communicated their needs. It leaves others wondering if all of a sudden taking a page out of these books means just becoming a reckless bull in a delicate China shop. Lives turned upside down in a “women be having thoughts” sort of wake.

As we’ve all aged, I go back to the words of #JaneAusten”I was quiet, but I was not blind.”

When you stop living a small life you decide that you no longer sweep things under the rug.

You no longer smile to shrug off a disrespectful exchange. You no longer apologize just avoid a discussion.

It doesn’t mean that we have to yell during a conversation. It doesn’t mean that you slam your fist on the table.

It’s about not being blind.....not being blinded.

It’s about paying attention.

Quietly, taking notice.

It’s untangling what we see from unmet promises that entwined us.

As on the other side of that unraveling may hold understanding and growth.

Maybe the last forty days was truly about the art of acceptance and truth we find in letting go.

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