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Stilettos + Passion

This is not a trendy movement. This is an acknowledgment of immense gratitude for the generations of women who helped to demand more out of the life of a woman. We have standards, though it is seen as attitude. We have courage, though it is taken as cutting people out. We have power, though it is perceived as competition. We have empathy, though it is translated as emotionally weak. We have intuition, though is regarded as hormones. I remember being raised to believe that little girls with dreams become women with vision. And today, we walk in our

along that fine line between grit and grace. My goal is that we leave a legacy behind that says we can be everything to everyone IF we so choose it. We can be great moms, and we can be great leaders. We can hold space for some while simultaneously shattering glass ceilings for others. We can be ready for anything and still have some strings unraveling at the seams. We can say no quickly and firmly and still be seen as polite. We can be in a partnership and maintain a identity. We can choose ourselves, and we can ask for help. And, none of these choices steals our power, extinguishes our flames or lessens our pride. It is through passion and pain, independence and essence that we, women become warriors.

•••International Women’s Day is an effort to celebrate the idea of a world where no one has to fight for existence and for basic rights like freedom and education. Happy Women’s Day to all the powerful women out there....especially the ones that I get to work with on daily basis.

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