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Sometimes you have the checklist and it starts to add up, and you begin to think that the more things that you become, the more you, you are. Until one day, you wake up and realize that there’s a glimpse of the sun shining through, and maybe unbecoming those things is the very thing that will make you feel alive, or in the very least, feel.

The rat race of a life bogs down connections and emotions, and before long, we are run ragged. So you have to ask yourself: Are you here to hustle or are you in it to inspire? It doesn’t have to be on a stage with 50K people taking notes on your speech, or sitting next to Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, but hell, let’s be real, that would be amazing. If we stop the hustle for just a moment, whether at work or at home or in the carpool line, something amazing happens….we feel ok. The world didn’t come to a screeching halt.

I know the laundry is piling up. I know it feels like if Little Johnny doesn’t play all 7 sports in the same season he may get passed up by the NBA and NFL. I know that for decades you’ve always been the “quiet sister.” But,you are barely “living.”

In fact, I am certain you’d agree that as you walk past a mirror or the reflection of your vehicle, you’ve thought, this isn’t even fun.

And it isn’t. Boundaries and unbecoming allow you to control what needs to be monitored and let go of the energy to control every other aspect of your day that doesn’t really matter. The role you take on in your family, you can unbecome that. The identity you have created at work, you can unbecome that, too. You don’t have to flip your life upside down. You just need to be aware that boundaries that allow you to feel happy or safe will sometimes make other people upset. That is their issue. They will learn to cope. Change is good.

I tell you this, as I am eating peaches in heavy syrup out of a can. They aren’t organic. They aren’t in pear juice or light syrup that was sun-kissed by exotic bees. We are talking heavy syrup in a can. Because it’s ok, and I am not going to die or gain 20 pounds tonight. There are other things that need my attention and my throat hurts from the weather. So, is this can of peaches going to matter in the morning? Nope. Instead I will focus on my son’s story of the kid that gave him a quarter and it was the highlight of his day. You see, when you unbecome and uncontrol….you make room for good.

This year is almost over. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the next year or even the next five minutes and shed a few layers of things that are heavy and burdensome…..things that we are controlling or things we’ve become consciously or subconsciously….and just recognize it is no longer serving you. And if nothing else, celebrate that acknowledgement and acceptance. You got this.

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