Shop Local. Help Them Grow.

Prairie Commons Business Collective is a grassroots, marketing partnership of shops, boutiques, craftsperson, artisans, furniture makers, artists, poets. Together, through our agency ad buys, your small business is advertised on platforms you never thought imaginable. 

Friends Helping Friends

At Prairie Commons Collective, are businesses and artists  full of creative and innovative individuals who are wanting to showcase their products & online stores to the masses. Since all crafter, vendor fairs and homeshows are cancelled due to the pandemic, we need to market smarter. Collectively.

But marketing costs are not cheap or simple. Growing as a collective builds stronger branding, distinct community and allows for a smarter strategic approach to media ad buys.

Explore the Collective

Craftsmanship. Creativity. Innovation. All in one place…a community. Shop the collective with one tap of a button! From artists to craftsmen to good eats, you can find all of our businesses by clicking the button below.